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International partnerships

Swinburne aspires to be Australia's leading university of science, technology and innovation and our International Engagement Strategy and Framework outlines how our partnerships and activities in other countries will help us to achieve this goal.

A truly international institution, Swinburne has developed valued partner relationships with more than 90 universities and organisations around the world.

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Research partnerships

Swinburne sees world-class research as essential to a great university. Quality research enriches our university culture and provides the intellectual basis for a knowledge society.

Research at Swinburne is focused on our core strengths. We find innovative research solutions to advance the economic, health and wellbeing of society. Through strategic investment in infrastructure and research excellence, we are internationally recognised as a research-intensive university of world standard.

Through strategic research-based partnerships with respected institutions around the world, Swinburne continues to contribute to and influence advancements that benefit our students and the communities in which Swinburne, its students and our partners operate.

Education partnerships

Our courses are internationally relevant, and we are dedicated to supporting education opportunities for all students. Our students are exposed to international practices and opportunities through education partnerships incorporating joint education programs, articulation arrangements, study tours, exchange, overseas internships or a semester spent at our Sarawak campus in Malaysia.

Meaningful international education partnerships form the basis on which we can offer students excellent learning opportunities, and education partnerships provide enormous benefits in curriculum, teaching and the student experience.

Swinburne has developed strong education programs throughout North and South East Asia, North and Latin America, and Europe.

Professional, commercial and consulting partnerships

Swinburne’s institutional and industry connections extend well beyond the classroom. 

We collaborate with international partners to deliver award and non-award programs, English language tuition, as well as customised training and short courses to a number of international institutions, businesses, Government bodies, and semi-Government agencies.