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Media and Multimedia Research Seminar

2014 unit code: MDA40007 (formerly HAM438)

Please note that unit codes have changed from 2014.
Credit points12.5 Credit Points
1 semester/teaching period
Contact hours36

Aims and objectives

This seminar program consolidates and enhances research skills acquired during the undergraduate study. In particular, it will equip students with the critical and practical skills necessary for designing and implementing a research project at Masters by Coursework level and will encourage students to situate their own research within wider academic and industry contexts.

Teaching methods



Class presentation 40%, Essay or Thesis Proposal and Ethics Application submission (where applicable) 60%

Generic skills outcomes

Students are expected to develop a range of theoretical and practical graduate attributes, resulting in graduates who are:
* A capable in their chosen professional areas
* Entrepreneurial in contributing to innovation and development within their business, workplace or community
* Capable of operating effectively and ethically in work and community situations
* Adaptable and able to manage change
* Aware of local and international environments.
Students are expected to develop generic skills in the following areas:
* Research design
* Project management
* Critical and logical interpretation
* Written communication
* Oral presentation
* Goal setting
* Self direction
* Teamwork


Media and Multimedia Research Seminar will operate as a series of guest lectures delivered by key Faculty academics and researchers within Media, Multimedia, Social Science and the Institute for Social Research. A schedule of proposed topics could include:

* Thesis design: What is a topic? What is a research question? What is an argumen
* Overview of key modes of media re
* Data collection and interpretation.
* Qualitative vs quantitative methodolog
* Approaches to web based rese
* What is 'research by project'?
* What are the scholarly
* Doing policy analysis.
* The politics of social research

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